Manifesting in Taurus: Secrets of Alchemy
Thursday | 04.27.17 | 6:00 PM - 6:50 PM PST | $45.00
Energy and Healing
Celebrating Taurus Season (April 21- May 21)
Manifestation in full gear!!!

A course in Manifestation & the Alchemy to Expedite/ strengthen your Process!

- How to call blessings into your Life
- How to use Alchemy (Therapeutic grade Essential Oils) to reach your highest vibration
& place of wellness
- A breakdown of Taurus Season & how to make the most of it!

EVERY participant in this conference, will be mailed a GRACE made Manifestation Oil, specifically prepared with blessings for Taurus Season to balance chakras and welcome health, happiness and abundance!!!!

Themes of Taurus: Ambition, Power, Sex, Romance... Manifesting "Heart's Desire"
Mo's Tarot Class 4 YOU Can Read Tarot! Begin Reading NOW-The Major Arcana Begins
Thursday | 04.27.17 | 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM PST | $44.00
This class begins our journey into the world of The Major Arcana. Get ready to learn the meanings of the big mysteries in Tarot. We will get through the Majors today, as time allows.

The class will be recorded for your listening and downloading convenience.

Astrology 714 - Mercury Influences - Exploring Aspects with the Messenger Planet
Thursday | 04.27.17 | 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM PST | $26.00
C. A.
In response to a request for more in-depth discussion about individual planets, in the Thursday night classes we are doing just that. This week we will look at Mercury which represents how we think, learn, and communicate. In this class we will focus on gaining a greater understanding of this part of ourselves and others by looking at Mercury through each of the 12 Astrological signs and in the 12 Houses of a chart. We will also talk about the influence of other planets in relationship to Mercury and how these aspects altar and change our ways of learning and expressing ideas.

Students of all levels are welcome in this class; however, those with an understanding of the basics including planets and planetary relationships will feel more at home with this material. All registrants are encouraged to participate, however attendance is not necessary. Registrants will receive a comprehensive handout and an audio recording of the class. Registrants will also be invited to participate in a private Astrology Discussion Group on Facebook open to 12Academy students only.
Group Ancestral Clearing focused on Trauma
Sunday | 04.30.17 | 9:00 AM - 9:50 AM PST | $40.00
Energy and Healing
Do you notice negative patterns with money, love, relationships, or other behaviors in your family? It is possible that your has been passing issue along through DNA.

The scientific study of epigenetics proves that highly emotional events can cause literal scars on our DNA that can be inherited, just like any other trait.

In this class, I will help you determine where this issue began, create a chain of healing that heals the whole family, and create a new blessing or affirmation surrounding this issue.

What others are saying about this class: "The group Ancestral Clearing I took 16 April 2014 was absolutely fabulous. I had such a stressful day that I had considered just going to bed and listening when I got the MP3. I am so glad I attended. The relief I felt was indescribable. The very next day I received a pay raise of a higher percentage than I was expecting, the day after that, my son called to say that he was offered the job that he had wanted. LOVE IT!! Can't wait to clear out other issues as well!"