Psychic Intuitive Certification Courses Facilitator (MM2Y) 
Dialoguing with spirits since age seven, Melissa's gifts were apparent early and flow easily with phenomenal accuracy today. As a premier Psychic Medium and Angelic Channel, Melissa is also an amazing teacher. Melissa's teaching style is relaxed, engaging and non-judgmental, yet powerful and incredibly effective. Humble and grounded, she has an uncanny ability to relate to people. She will keep you completely engaged; using language and terms that make sense while incorporating true life examples. With life-long experience and expertise in her field, Melissa has created a series of courses in the psychic arts, with her six-week Psychic Intuitive Practitioner Certification course as the foundation. All classes are taught in the comfort, privacy and security of your home through her web-based university: MyMindToYours®(MM2Y). This is unlike anything you've ever seen before! Be prepared to be fully inspired; to identify and strengthen your gifts; to raise your potential and empower your life. You'll come away with the confidence to use and share your gifts with others. If you're ready to learn with ease and deep connection, Melissa is your teacher! Sign up today! For more info go to:

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