Manifestation Techniques, Personal Growth, Psychic Development, Women's Empowerment 
With 30 years of experience as both a student and a teacher of metaphysics, I will offer a wide range of topics to the participants of our 12 Academy. My goals are to bring to light some of the most fascinating topics of the spirit world, and to educate all of you on how to apply what you learn to your physical lives. I will train you individually, and in small groups, and assist you with the integration on how to unleash your most natural and purposeful gifts, as well as assisting you on how to use them for an optimal yet practical existence. I will individually partner with each of my students to help them create and manifest their dreams. I will begin my series for the beginner student, and welcome each one to a new and elevated level. The basic keys to my teaching will involve my clairvoyant skills and channeling, along with the tarot, astrology, and automatic writing. My foundations include A Course In Miracles, Manifestation Techniques, Past Life Regressions, and Personal Growth and Empowerment. I look forward to the infinite possibilities of our classroom discoveries, and I look forward to sharing what I've learned!

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