Connecting The God Dots~ An Intimate Exploration of Your Higher Self ~ ***
Thursday | 06.06.24 | 6:00 PM - 7:10 PM PST | $39.00
Spiritual Development
Welcome to "Connect The God Dots" - a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

In this class, we are on a mission to uncover the spiritual spark within each of us, igniting our inner potential and guiding us towards a life of a higher purpose filled with balance, clarity and joy!

Through our humanness, there is a thread that connects us to something greater than ourselves. Some call it God, some call it the Divine, some the Universe, or simply the Source. Regardless of what our beliefs, it is the very thing that brings us those aha moments, those goosebumps of a "knowing," or those feelings of gratitude that can not be explained.

In our most challenging moments, it is the "God Dot" we need, craving that assistance or support that we sometimes can't reach, whether it be due to a block, a detour, another person, or simply fear. There's so much more through our experience!

No matter what your beliefs, whether you adhere to a specific religion or follow a different path, the invitation for us all to connect here is the same. It is my desire to join you all in a deeper dive into life itself and to unlock the numerous ways to "connect" in times of stress or need.

Through introspection and reflection, we will unearth the hidden treasures within ourselves, uncovering our innate strengths, passions, and purpose.

We can remind ourselves that the very best way is our very own and authentic journey to this mystery that can some times lead us astray, and bring ourselves back to the very center of our spiritual beginnings and beings.

We will explore the concept of the "God Dot" and its significance in our lives, while learning to accept where we came from and how uniquely created we truly are.
We will embrace and unleash the numerous talents and gifts that lie within us all, while we remove any or all encumbrances that we have convinced ourselves of attaching to on this journey.

We will invite special disciplines from everyone in the group, whether it be a form of meditation, prayer, ceremony, practice or something insane. (Kidding but not really.)

We will align our thoughts, words, and actions with our highest values and aspirations, while we embrace authenticity and integrity as we navigate the complexities of everyday life, and we will be more certain in our own personal truth in this discovery.

We will find more ways to be in service for others while we heal from any old wounds that feel deeply contained or others that feel unrestrained.

I am so ready to connect these dots with you and truly looking forward to knowing you on a brand new level.

Katt xo